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Castor and Karina | Families | San Luis Obispo, CA


If there is such a thing as love at first sight, then these two are exactly that!! Karina was looking for company, and Mr. Castor was looking for a home. Karina bottle fed him the first few weeks of life, and he has never left her side since then. When I met Cas for our photo shoot, we immediately became friends and played. He would not sit still, because all he wanted to do was play with his toys and run around. We made a play date out of it and truly captured his personality well. The bond between Karina and Cas cannot be described, but you just feel joy when you are around these two.

Karina wanted to make an official announcement that Castor had joined the family, so we went to Cuesta Park in San Luis Obispo and explored. Cas is just like any other puppy who wants to run, play, and lick whoever is close by. I can’t wait to watch Castor grow and his personality develop even more!

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