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My mission is to earn the trust and respect of my clients and serve them wholeheartedly. I want to celebrate alongside you for all your moments - big and small.

So here is MY Promise & Vow to YOU!
I vow to give you guidance and support you along your wedding planning journey. 
I vow to assist you so you feel like yourself in every photo.
I vow to help you with your bustle and join you on the dance floor.
I vow to provide photographs that share your family's legacy.
I vow to laugh with you when things are crazy and give you a hug when you need support.

Meet Michele

Central Coast of California Wedding Photographer

- xoxo michele

Striving to capture your precious moments so you can remember them, always

Michele was our wedding photographer and it was an incredible experience. She was very professional and helped organize a wedding time line that not only prioritized our happiness during our wedding day but also facilitated fantastic photographs. Her work is absolutely stunning. She was also very personable and kind and made us feel comfortable and glamourous in front of the camera.

The best experience!

sadie + ryan

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My husband and I hired Michele as our wedding photographer and we couldn't happier that we did! Not only is she a talented photographer, but she is also an all-around amazing person. Something we really appreciated about Michele throughout the entire wedding planning process is that she truly took the time to get to know us. So, by the time it was our wedding day it felt more like we were hanging out with a friend than a vendor. We just got our wedding photos back this week and we have not stopped smiling since. Michele successfully captured each and every special moment beautifully so that we can relive our day forever!

We couldn't be happier!

kate + jake

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It was an absolute dream working with Michele! She was very communicative throughout the whole process and made us feel special by sending gifts and supporting us in whatever we needed. She was a rockstar the day of the wedding and kept us on schedule without stressing us out. Our bridal party and family loved her, and my dad said that his favorite part was that Michele "did it all with a smile on her face!" We are so glad we got to work with the Nikkels Photography team and can't recommend them enough!

It was a dream!

molly + trent

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Let's save your date!

If there’s one lesson I’ve learned from my photography journey, it’s how powerful photos are. The photos I take you'll probably use for celebrations and honoring those no longer here. 

This quote says it best:
“We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone.” - Katie Thurmes

Wedding days are a whirlwind and they go by in the blink of an eye. There are so many special moments, big and small, that happen on a wedding day. And even some of those moments you do not even see until you receive the photos.

That’s where I come in. I am a storyteller, here to capture every moment of your day, and to be your eyes on your wedding day so that in years to come you can sit down and look at your images; reliving the best day of your life over and over.

That’s one reason photography is SO important; because it’s the only thing that you get to keep once the wedding is over. The images that tell your love story, that you can keep, and pass on for generations to come.

We believe in the classics. 

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The lady on the left here shaped me into the person I am today and why photos are really the center of it all. My mom was diagnosed with MS by the time I was 5 years old. All our worlds were flipped on its head as she suddenly was wheelchair and house bound. We didn't know what the future held as there is no cure. So every day truly felt like a gift. I was thrilled she got to see me graduate college, get married, and create a wonderful life.

Now photos are all I have. She passed away suddenly in October of 2022. But looking through photos of her and the things we did as a family remind of the strength, courage and hope that reside in all of us the way few other things can.

It started with a story

My Why Behind the Passion

ready for me to tell your story?

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Life should be remembered - every small & Big detail


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I was born and raised in a small town in Northern Nevada (about 20 minutes from Tahoe). I moved to San Luis Obispo in 2009 and met my husband in 2011. We got married in 2013 and bought our first home in SLO in 2020. Since then, I've traveled around California and beyond documenting love stories for couples and families. 

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Founder & principle photographer 

Meet Michele

“I get by with a little help from my friends”

The Team

Brandi is obsessed with all things vintage, thrifted, and colorful. When she isn't chilling on the couch with her cat, Lari, she also runs an online thrift shop, MoonFlower Thrifts. She also is always down for a hike with friends, gardening, going to Disney, & planning her next road trip with her hubs. Brandi will keep you super comfortable and relaxed on your big day!

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Wedding & Family Photographer

Meet Brandi

Kasie describes herself as an old soul who still has a heart for adventure. When she isn't watching Gilmore Girls while drinking her third cup of coffee, she is out exploring our state parks. Her favorite is Yosemite. She is also an amazing dog mom to Roadie Bear. Kasie will be your biggest hype girl and will cheer you on every step of the way!

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Wedding & Family Photographer

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