We are expecting weddings in 2024 to differentiate themselves from the past by breaking away from old traditions. In this blog, we are outlining the top five wedding trends that are igniting our excitement for the upcoming 2024 wedding season.

Nikkels Photography, a SLO-based Wedding Photographer, shares expected wedding trends for couples planning their wedding.

2024 Wedding Trends You Should Expect

Exciting Wardrobe Transitions

That second dress is destined to be a highlight at the celebration.

Guest-Centric Approach

Couples aspire to shift the spotlight away from themselves, focusing on ensuring their guests have an enjoyable time. Weekend weddings featuring welcome parties and post-wedding brunches encapsulate this sentiment.

Engaging Culinary Experiences

Interactive food stations, such as nacho bars, fondue fountains, and s’mores setups, are predicted to be crowd-pleasers. A local favorite of ours is The S’mores Cart.

Non-Alcoholic Beverage Alternatives

As the demand for entertaining non-alcoholic options grows, featuring a delightful Mocktail becomes an excellent way to cater to a broader audience.

More Intimate Weddings

Characterized by a cozy, relaxed ambiance, approachable in nature, with a dedicated emphasis on enhancing the overall guest experience.

In the upcoming 2024 wedding season, tradition meets innovation, creating a tapestry of celebrations that are as unique and diverse as the couples themselves. With a focus on exciting wardrobe transitions, a guest-centric approach, engaging culinary experiences, non-alcoholic beverage alternatives, and more intimate gatherings, these trends are sure to shape memorable moments and set the stage for a truly magical celebration of love.

And, we hope to be able to experience them with you!



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