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California is known for its stunning wildflowers, and when conditions are just right, the state experiences a phenomenon known as the California Wildflower Superbloom. TIPS FOR ENJOYING THE CALIFORNIA SUPERBLOOM A super bloom is a rare event that occurs when an unusually high amount of rainfall and favorable temperatures result in a mass blooming of […]

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This month Andrew and I celebrate 9 years of marriage!! Yahoo! Along the way, we have it a point to go out on dates together. Sharing experiences together strengthens your relationship and helps it grow. And San Luis Obispo offers a variety of date ideas you can do either day or night! So after living […]

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Looking to take a trip to Hawaii? Well, we are here to tell you that there is no time like the present! With the yummy food and jaw-dropping tropical views, it is easily one of our favorite travel destinations. This Hawaii Travel Guide will have you exploring Kauai and Maui like a professional. Grab your […]

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I have made it my mission to celebrate the intimate moments in life - big and small. Having your photo taken shouldn’t be stressful, but rather a time to celebrate where you are in life. So I aim to give you clear direction all the while letting your unique personality shine. I strive to be your biggest advocate, cheerleader, and the best third wheel you could ask for.

Welcome to my little space. Grab your favorite beverage and stay awhile. I can’t wait to meet you & your family!

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