In the heart of Paso Robles, California, Briana and Chase’s dreamy fall wedding was a celebration of love that had withstood the test of time, distance, and the challenges life threw their way.

From a chance meeting at a high school dance to navigating the complexities of college, medical school, and budding careers, their journey was marked by resilience, shared dreams, and absolute commitment.

Nikkels Photography, a Paso Robles Destination Photographer, shares inspiration for an autumn Private Estate Wedding in Paso Robles, CA

Leading Up to Their Private Estate Wedding in Paso Robles, California

Over 12 years ago, Briana and Chase’s love story began as high school sweethearts.

Freshman Briana and sophomore Chase met at the Homecoming dance, and from that moment, their lives became intertwined. School dances, Mid-State Fair livestock shows, and basketball tournaments became the backdrop of their growing story.

Notably, Chase’s father, Shawn, played a significant role by coaching Briana in basketball for several years, further cementing the bond between the two.

Love Tested

As they ventured into higher education, Briana and Chase faced the challenges of maintaining a long-distance relationship.

College and medical school put their love to the test, but they stood firm, navigating the hurdles together. The distance only strengthened their bond, and as they pursued their respective careers, their commitment to each other remained unwavering.

The Present

Today, Briana and Chase call Dallas, Texas, home. Chase serves as a service manager at a prominent car dealership, while Briana passionately works as an OBGYN resident.

Together, they’ve embraced the joys and challenges of building a life together, with their latest addition being the adorable Twyla, their adopted cat companion.

As they embark on this new chapter, the couple couldn’t imagine life without each other.

“Our Person”

Briana and Chase have found in each other “their person”— the one with whom they share their stories, celebrate the good days, weather the bad days, and construct a beautiful, messy life. 

Their journey has been filled with countless memorable moments, and with hearts full of love, they eagerly anticipate the adventures that the future holds.

Private Estate Wedding Recap

Set against the picturesque backdrop of Paso Robles, Briana and Chase’s wedding day was nothing short of magical.

The private estate provided an intimate setting for their vows, surrounded by the rich colors of fall. The air was filled with love and laughter as friends and family gathered to witness the union of two souls who had triumphed over time and distance.

Briana and Chase’s love story, from a high school dance to a dreamy fall Private Estate Wedding in Paso Robles, is a reminder that love knows no boundaries.

Their journey, marked by commitment, resilience, and shared dreams, serves as an inspiration for all those navigating the complexities of life and love. As they embark on the next chapter of their lives, Briana and Chase carry with them the memories of a magical day in Paso Robles — day that celebrated not only their love but, also, the incredible journey that brought them to this beautiful moment in time.

Vendor Team

Venue: Private Estate
Coordination: @simplytreasuredevents
Photography: @nikkelsphotography
Videography: @slotownstudios
Florals: @flowersbykim
DJ/MC: @kramerevents
Catering: Groom’s Family
Bar: @pronouncedbypatrick
Cheese Tower: @chocolatefountainsbydoreen
HAMU: @bellizzimobeauty
Dessert: @christinescakecreations @thechurrocart
Late Night Snack: @burymeinpizza
Rentals: @allaboutevents
Wedding Gown Boutique: @aliceinivorydallas
Wedding Gown Designer: @janehillbridal
Bridesmaid Attire: @shoprevelry
Menswear: @menswearhouse
Restrooms: @harveyshoneyhuts
Getting Ready Venue: @allegrettovr
Happy Couple: @bri_belmonte @chase_koehler



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