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Picking out a wedding dress is no easy feat. From picking out designers, to styles, to shades of white you never knew existed, it can get overwhelming.

So after being a bride myself and watching countless other brides wear their wedding dresses, we have some tips and things to think about before saying I DO to the dress!

Questions to ask once you have narrowed down your dress choice

Can you dance in it?

  • If you cannot get down in your dress without stepping on it or tripping, then you may want to think about your choice. Or have them alter the train accordingly. You don’t want your dress to slow you down during your party.

Can you sit down comfortably?

  • Not being able to sit down or rest on your wedding day will make for a really long day. Being able to bend, sit, and eat comfortably is important. Ask the seamstress to let out a 1/4 of an in the waist. You’ll thank me later.

What undergarments do you need?

  • Less is MORE! If you don’t need to wear a bra, great! If you are planning on wearing shapewear, bring it with you to your dress fittings to make sure it will work and won’t show up.

How intricate is the back? Is it a lace-up, buttons, zipper?

  • For getting ready, this is important for your photographer to know. A zipper takes ten seconds to get up, but a full lace-up back can take 10-15 minutes! Be sure to add this time into your getting-ready timeline.
  • PRO TIP: If you have buttons, bring a croquet hook. This will make getting your buttons on SO EASY!

How does the bustle go? And do you love the look of the dress bustled for reception photos?

  • This one is a big one! You need help to do your bustle no matter how simple it is. So, have your maid of honor, a sibling, your momma know how to do your bustle. Have at least 1-2 people be there for your last dress fitting to watch and video record your bustle. Then save that video under favorites for easy access for when you are trying to do it (and are likely intoxicated).

Do you want two dresses? A more casual, easy to dance dress that you could also go to an after-party in.

  • If you fell in love with your dress and it isn’t practical to dance in or isn’t comfortable to sit in, this may be a great option.
  • Our favorite place for cute and not expensive reception dresses is Lulu’s!

Enjoy picking your wedding dress! It will become such a special part of your wedding day. Still looking for a wedding photographer? Be sure to reach out to us HERE!!


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