Sitting at home staring at the same four walls and wondering how to take some cute portraits? I hear ya! Since we have been spending a lot more time inside rather than outside, I figured I would share some time on how to improve your indoor photos. We often get weird lighting situations and now we have all these Zoom calls and our lighting is terrible. What do you do? How do you find or make flattering light for yourself and any other subject you are photographing? Below you will have my five easy tips for taking better photos indoors. Cue pandemic portraits!!

Move Closer to the Windows

Know when you have the most amount of sunlight coming through the windows in your home. Is it in the morning or afternoon? Natural light always will photograph better. Your skin tone will be accurate rather than super orange or yellow.

Turn all your lights OFF

Electric lights can affect your white balance. This is because the color of the light varies with the source. Skin tones can look odd when artificial light mixes with natural light. The easiest way to fix this problem is by turning off all the electric lights.

Two ways to photograph near the window using a reflector.

Find some Extra Reflectors

When your light is limited, find natural reflectors to help bounce some light back onto your subject. This can be in the form of a white sheet, pillowcase, or white cardboard. Anything you can find that is portable to move closer to subjects. You’ll place this item across from the window and turned in towards your subject at an angle.

Tidy up the Room

Look for distractions and get rid of them. You can even move furniture around as you need. Clutter can be very distracting in your photo. A clean backdrop will elevate your image.

If Natural Light is Limited, get a Video Light.

Not all light is equal. As mentioned above the standard lights in our home are often soft and yellow. Rather, get this ring light on Amazon! No matter if your home is completely dark inside, you can set this up anywhere to take your photos. You can adjust the color and it is dimmable for easy customization.

So let me know how those indoor photos turned out! Comment below if you found this helpful or any other tricks you have for taking those indoor photos.

Have any further questions on how to take better photos?? Come say hi and contact us HERE.


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  1. Brooklyn C says:

    Great tips! 

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