San Fransisco Elegant Editorial Styled Shoot with rose and lilac colors

As you plan out your dream wedding day, please reach out to your photographer. We have lots of little tips that can streamline your day while getting all the photos you’ve dreamed about. I am so excited that you have found your best friend to do life with.

Here are some tips I hope you find helpful!

  1. Have extra florals for flat lays: These extra blooms will make those lovely details pop and complete your wedding story & have them delivered before your photographer arrives.
  2. See your fiance before the ceremony: A first look will not only calm your nerves, it will provide you more time to spend with your best friend. Plus more portraits!
  3. Give yourself 15 minutes: Whether in the morning as you get ready or before the ceremony, give yourself 15 minutes to soak it all in, or write your future spouse a love note. Savor those quiet moments.
  4. Groom’s Details are just as Important: Don’t forget to add some special details for the groom. Get him a gift like cufflinks, a watch, a handkerchief. Get creative with the tie, socks, custom drinkware, his vow book, and much more.
  5. Forgo the Party Favors: Use that money towards more elaborate food, drinks, or dancing. Your guests are all about the experience, not the little gift you send them home with.
San Fransisco Elegant Editorial Styled Shoot with rose and lilac colors

And 2 More Bonus Tips because I think you deserve it!

  • Have an Extra Pair of Shoes: Be sure to get an extra pair of shoes for the reception. Best for dancing the night away!
  • Your Ceremony Location is Key: Depending on the time of day & the season, think about the direction your ceremony will take place. Ideally, the sun should be behind you and facing towards the guests.

I’ve created a PDF so you can keep this information in your wedding folder for easy access. Simply click below to download that.

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