Wow. I can’t even describe all the amazingness that you will witness below from Kim and Joe’s engagement session at the cute downtown Arroyo Grande Village. I knew Kim and I would become good friends after our first phone conversation. Laughing and giggling like we had known each other for years. Well that continued well into their engagement shoot. Kim & Joe have been together for over seven years, so you can imagine their chemistry is on point. The giggles. The snuggles. The jokes. The hugs. I. LOVED. IT. ALL! We felt like we had hopped into Stars Hallow and was a part of the next episode of Gilmore Girls (seriously, go to Netflix right now and watch the series!). Then, we wandered down to the creek that flows through Arroyo Grande and it was gorgeous. So green!! And Kim said we were in the jungle, and I would have to agree.

So what I learned from this session was this: go explore even the areas that you feel are old and worn out. Look at it through the eyes of someone new. I had been to A.G. many times before, and walked around the streets, the park, and walked the across the creek. But this day was magical. It felt like something completely new. The roosters were out, the people were out enjoying the weekend, and we were out having a blast making memories before these two get hitched!!


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