This eight year old girl was the sweetest and nicest girl I’ve met in a long time, and if you didn’t know her background, you would never know the struggles she has been through.¬†Olivia has survived three cancer diagnoses she had Rhabdomyosarcoma at age 2, Osteosarcoma at age 6 which required a 10 hr reconstrution of the left side of her face , Adenocarcinoma at age 8 with two lung operations. She has successfully recovered and is considered to be in remission; however, we do have a lot of travel back and forth to UCLA and Rady Childrens San Diego to continue follow up care.

Follow the latest and help towards their building medical costs at: Go Fund Me

This shoot was to raise awareness for childhood cancer during the month of September. Countless families go through the heartache of watching their little ones go through beating various cancers, but let us hope for Olivia and all those affected. #beatcancer #cancerawareness


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