Planning on Proposing to the love of your life soon? Awesome! I’m so happy for you both! One big item is that your soon-to-be finance will likely want nice photos of this special moment. So you need to find a photographer. Here are some tips as you begin planning your proposal with a photographer.

Find A Photographer

Often my couples are traveling or on vacation, so they need to find a photographer closer to where they are vacationing at. Often Google or Yelp will be your best bet. There ask about their proposal package. Our package includes up to 60 minutes of coverage and all the images. We like to photograph the proposal and then a mini ‘just engaged’ portrait session.

Figure Out the Location

Location is key! Is there a meaningful spot you two visit often? Maybe where you fell in love or had a great memory? Also, think if you want this spot to be more private or public. And if at all possible, try to coordinate with the photographer and meet beforehand. That way you can figure out where everyone should be for the best lighting and to get your partner’s reaction.

How Involved do you want the Photographer to be?

This is a great question to think about. And once you know where you proposing, you’ll get a better idea of what role you want your photographer to play. What do I mean by this? There are a few ways to go about proposing. One, the photographer is off in the distance and doesn’t see you guys until after the proposal. Two, your photographer engages with you two in some way. This can look like your photographer is waiting for other clients and you ask if you can take a quick for you or you actually schedule a photo session just because and I prompt you into popping the question. Both are great, but your photographer does need to know ahead of time.

Venue: The Canyon Villa A Luxurious Inn // Photographer: Nikkels Photography


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