As a family photographer, I understand that getting kids ready for a photo shoot can be a bit of a challenge. Here are five essential tips to help with preparing kids for photoshoots in order to have a fun and successful session.

NIkkels Photography, a california-based photographer, shares five tips for preparing kids for photoshoots.


ONE | Dress Comfortably

One of the most important aspects of a successful photoshoot is ensuring that your child is comfortable in their clothing. Here are a few pointers:

  • Choose Comfort: Opt for soft, breathable fabrics that won’t irritate your child’s skin. Avoid clothes with itchy tags or tight fits.
  • Layering: If the weather is unpredictable, layering is a great strategy. This way, you can easily adjust your child’s outfit according to the temperature.
  • Backup Outfit: Always bring an extra outfit in case of spills, stains, or unexpected messes. This ensures that your child can stay clean and comfortable throughout the session.

TWO | Plan Around Nap and Meal Times

Timing is everything when it comes to children’s moods. Here’s how to schedule smartly:

  • Happy Hour: Book the photoshoot when your child is usually well-rested and fed. For many kids, this is often after a nap or a meal.
  • Snacks and Hydration: Pack some non-messy snacks and water. Healthy snacks can keep your child’s energy levels up without the risk of sugar crashes or sticky hands.

THREE | Bring Comfort Items

Familiar items can make a big difference in helping your child feel secure and relaxed during the shoot:

  • Favorite Toy or Blanket: Bring along a beloved toy or blanket. Not only can these items provide comfort, but they can also be incorporated into the photos as cute props.
  • Soothing Music: If your child enjoys music, consider bringing a small speaker to play their favorite tunes. Music can create a calming and enjoyable environment.

FOUR | Practice Posing and Smiling

Getting your child used to the idea of being photographed can help reduce any apprehension they might feel:

  • Home Practice: Encourage your child to practice smiling and posing at home. Make it a fun activity by playing pretend photoshoot games.
  • Positive Reinforcement: Praise your child when they practice posing and smiling. This positive reinforcement can make them feel more confident and excited about the actual photoshoot.

FIVE | Prepare for Short Attention Spans

Kids can get restless quickly, so it’s important to be prepared for their natural energy and curiosity:

  • Plan for Breaks: Be ready to take short breaks during the session to let your child play or have a snack. These breaks can help them recharge and stay cooperative.
  • Quick Shots: I’ll aim to capture quick, candid shots during moments when your child is naturally engaged and happy. This often results in the most genuine and heartwarming photos.

FOUND THESE TIPS FOR PREPARING FOR PHOTOSHOOTS? Stay tuned for part two where we share five more tips to ensure your family photoshoot is a delightful and memorable experience.

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