While I visited my family in Nevada, I was able to capture this adorable family. I have known Natalie and Stephen since high school and have had the pleasure of watching their family grow now with thier son, Jason. I was thrilled to capture this as Jason is turning one. Time sure flys. We went to the capital and walked around the gorgeous grounds. It was so green and so lush! Jason had a ball running around and exploring  while we captured his personality and joy. I get such enjoyment from capturing these precious moments. Kids grow up so fast, life goes by too fast, so relax and enjoy all of it!


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  1. Linda says:

    Nice photography!! If you don’t mind me asking, where did you get purple flowing top in maternity photoshoot! Thank you!!! Linda Ponce

    • admin says:

      Hi Linda,
      Thanks so much for the compliment. The purple flowy top was hand made by the sister of the mama-to-be. She is all about hand-made work and is wonderful at it!

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