When I talk with my wedding clients before their wedding, we always talk about the most important wedding day details!

With Pinterest and Instagram, there are so many different wedding traditions and ideas! It’s so easy to wonder what is actually the most important!

Purple wedding table details. There are blush flowers and white candlesticks.
Tabletop Decor, Linens, Candles

To answer honestly, the answer is ANYTHING that is important to you and your relationship!

That being said, I know that it can be hard to think of things right off the top of your head! Because of that, I have put together some ideas and examples of different details you can include at your wedding!

Moab Utah Destination Intimate Fall Wedding
Floral Designs!
White wedding details. There are white sparkley shoes. They are sitting on a white wedding announcement beneath wedding rings.
Programs, Shoes, Rings, Veil
Moab Utah Destination Intimate Fall Wedding
Anything you are wearing on the big day!
Personalized Signs / Neon or Wooden
Signature Drinks & Custom Glassware

One of the best parts of being a photographer is seeing all of the details that make a couple who they are! Some couples use their puppies while others use their favorite wine glasses!

I absolutely love walking into a wedding and listening to the bride and groom explain each and every little thing to me!

Lawn Games
Spyglass Pismo Beach California Intimate Wedding
Dress & Shoes
Spyglass Pismo Beach California Intimate Wedding
Vow Books, Jewelry, Clutch
Spyglass Pismo Beach California Intimate Wedding
Cufflinks, Pins, Watches, Family Heirlooms
All Paper Goods – Invitations, Menus, Programs, Loose Florals

Hopefully, these gave you some ideas for your wedding! At the end of the day, your wedding day is for you and your spouse! No matter what you decide to include, make sure they represent you!

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