Budget, Budget, Budget

Yay! You’re engaged! This is the most exciting time! What’s the first thing you think? When and where do you want to get married? Although these are important, the most important thing to think about first is your budget!

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Budgeting is one of the most important aspects when planning and executing your dream wedding. All too often, the budget isn’t talked about or determined until after a critical decision has been made. Whether you are paying for the wedding yourself or your parents are assisting, it is important to first talk about your budget and for everyone to be on the same page before making any major decisions.

Creating a budget ensures that you will be able to maximize every aspect of your wedding to create the ultimate experience for you and your guests. It is not uncommon for couples to book their venue before hiring their wedding planner and before thinking about their wedding as a whole. Booking the venue before thinking about the entirety of the wedding often leads to an imbalanced budget. This happens all too often. If you spend too much on your venue, you end up with an imbalanced budget and may have to make concessions on one or more areas of your wedding vision. The most important step after you get engaged is to either hire a planner, or if you decide to plan your own wedding, create a budget!

Although the venue is important, it is also important that you can hire a photographer that you love, have food that you love and that your guests love, an ambience that you and your friends talk about for years after. If you spend too much on your venue, it can be hard to get all of these things. My goal is to help all my brides make their vision a reality and with budget planning, we can make that happen with no stress at all. Your wedding should be one of the most amazing times of your life, be sure to budget so that you do not have to stress or skimp on any aspects in making your dream wedding a reality.


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