You're Engaged, now what do you do? Hammersky Vineyards Wedding

Did you recently get engaged? Time to pop the bubbly! You officially have a new title, fiance. Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?! Weddings can get overwhelming really fast, so let’s get you started on the right track as you plan your forever, together.


#1: Pause and Enjoy being ENGAGED!

There is no need to rush into wedding planning right away. Take some time to enjoy being in this next stage of your relationship. Your engagement is a short period of time compared to your lasting marriage.

#2: Figure out WHERE you want your wedding to be and HOW BIG you want it.

Do you want to do a destination wedding? Are you wanting to elope? Is an intimate wedding ceremony or a big reception up your alley? Or do you want a big wedding near where you grew up? Your budget, vendors, and so much more will be based on where you have your event and if you want 20 or 250 people in attendance.

If there is a particular location or venue you want, reach out and see what remaining dates they have available. What about the time of year? Do you want springtime, a long summer evening, beautiful fall foliage, or a romantic winter soiree?

#3: Know your BUDGET and HIRE A PLANNER!

The size of your event will directly affect your budget. More chairs, more food, and more booze add up! Once you know your general area/state you are tieing the knot, find a planner. They will know how to maximize your budget and find vendors to match the style and aesthetic you are looking for.

Here is a list of our favorite planners:

Also, you need to discuss who is paying for the wedding. Are you getting any assistance from family or are you paying for yourselves? You may choose a longer engagement so you can save for your dream wedding!

#4: Pick your TOP 2 Must-Have Vendors!

What is most important to you both? Do you want a killer party? You may want a live band. Are you a foodie? Then having a plated dinner might be important. Or are you wanting timeless photos to share this special day with your kids, and your kid’s kids? Then finding your dream photographer is top of your list.

Oftentimes, vendors are booking out 12-18 months in advance with popular dates getting snagged quickly, you will want to secure your must-haves asap. Planners, DJs, Photographers, & Videographers are typically made of small teams and can only do one event per day.

Let wedding planning stay fun and have it showcase your relationship! In the end, this is your party. Do what you want!


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