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As you plan out your family photos, please reach out to your photographer. We have lots of little tips that can be beneficial as you plan for this while getting all the photos you’ve dreamed about. There are so many different seasons in life to capture, so I am ecstatic to hang out with your family and document these precious times.

Here are some tips I hope you find helpful!

  1. BRING ACCESSORIES: Little details can elevate your photos. Whether that be sparkly jewelry, a fun hat, suspenders or bow ties, or a statement piece, bring it! It is a great way to add variety to your session.
  2. NAPS ARE KEY: If your kiddos are still napping, be sure we schedule our session around their typical nap time. We want them to be at their best, so we can work around their naptime. Whether that be before the session or afterward.
  3. HAVE A COUPLE OF OUTFITS: Bring two of three different outfits for the session. One dressy and one more causal helps create variety. For mini sessions though, I recommend just one outfit. So you can add a jacket or sweater for variety.
  4. BRING A SMALL TOY: To help get a kid’s attention, it is a good idea to bring a small toy I can hold or for them to hold if necessary. So make sure it is neutral in color or something you are ok with having in the photos.
  5. BRING A SNACK: Snacks are great for multiple reasons. Great for bribes. Great for a quick break. I recommend non-messy snacks like fruit gummy’s, goldfish, M&M’s, grapes, small crackers. I can also hold this for attention purposes. We all feel better after a little snack!

And 2 More Bonus Tips because I think you deserve it!

  • BE PATIENT WITH YOURSELF: Kids can read straight through us. So as you get ready, driving to the location, and during the session, keep it upbeat and positive! It will make it a fun experience for them and they will want to do it again!
  • GO OUT AFTERWARDS! Treat yourself and your kids afterward. Since most sessions happen in the afternoon, go out for dinner or dessert afterward. Reward your kids for being good and for yourself!

I’ve created a PDF so you can keep this information in your wedding folder for easy access. Simply click below to download that.

Five Tips for Better Family Photos in San Luis Obispo, California

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