Flying Caballos Ranch Winter Family Session in San Luis Obispo, California

I’ve known the Henderson family for a couple of years now and it has been a blast to watch this family grow. So we ventured to a beautiful property, Flying Caballos Ranch, in San Luis Obispo, California earlier this year. Having acres to ourselves meant that we explored many parts of this space including my favorite field and bridge. These two boys stole my heart and watching them interact and play is so so fun!

One tip for working with toddlers:

Keep things Moving & Create Games to Play! – Create a competition or race if there are siblings. See who can stand still the longest. Simon says is fun if they are old enough. Get that energy out by having them run around! But give them boundaries and rewards for listening. Let each child have their moment to shine and then have them engage with their parents. If one kid needs a moment, do something fun with the other sibling! No one wants to miss out on the fun, so they will tend to want to jump in all on their own!

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