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As my wedding season begins on Saturday, I have been reflecting over the last wedding season. Check out more images from my most recent weddings, HERE. My 2016 wedding season brought me so much joy, happiness, and it’s own set of challenges. Each wedding is an opportunity to grow, an opportunity to try something new, an opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. I was blessed and honored to work with amazing couples. Some found love young while others got a second chance to spend the rest of their life with their best friend. One wedding, I was hired merely a couple of hours before I needed to be at the venue. I was so happy to help this couple out on short notice and proved to myself I can do something out of the norm. On another wedding, the mother of the bride had been battling cancer, but on her daughter’s wedding day, she was strong, and all smilies. Moments that will never be forgotten as she passed a few months ago. From the details, the dress, the rings, to the smilies and the hugs at the end of the night, I love what I do. I am so honored to be there on one’s wedding day. It is their first day as husband as wife. Marriage is a privilege that we need to cherish. Love your family. Love your soulmate. Love them hard!! Life is too short to do anything else!! I can’t wait for all of my 2017 couples and all of the wonderful moments I will get to witness.




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