Winter Spanish Oaks Ranch, Santa Margarita California Wedding

It can be a tough decision on where to take your engagement photos on the central coast of California. And there are hundreds of stunning locations to pick from. So we have put together a shortlist of the best engagement session locations in San Luis Obispo County.

Montana De Oro

Montana de Oro State Park is a fun location for a few reasons. We have miles of nature to explore. There are different backdrops to use like more wooded areas, beaches, dunes, coves, walking paths and more. Every time we go there is a new spot to explore.

There is often plenty of space and people are scattered, so you don’t have to worry about being crowded even on a beautiful day.

Monarch Butterfly Grove

Monarch Butterfly Grove is a great location in the heart of Pismo Beach. Becuase of the trees, the light here is always magic! Depending on the time of year, you may need to be patient with people walking through. We love this spot becuase you get a little woodsy feel, then we can finish our session on the boardwalk or go all the way to the ocean for some nice beach shots. Keep in mind the walk all the way to the ocean is about 15 minutes from the car.

Avila Beach

If you a classic and iconic California coast spot, we reccomend Avila Beach. A little less crowded than Pismo Beach on most evenings. Winter is a great time to go as you often have the beach to yourself.

Talley Vineyards And Biddle Ranch

If you are wanting a winery with vineyards look, I reccomend either Talley Vineyards or Biddle Ranch. Both of these locations have to be requested ahead of time to make sure the property is available. So I reccomend calling ahead at least a few weeks out from when you want to do the session to see if it available.

Talley Vineyards has lots of open space, lots of vines, and a little grassy area with a tree that provides epic lighting every time.

Biddle Ranch is fun with its modern buildings, full vines, and olive grove as you walk to the tasting room. Note, they do require a fee of $50 to use their gorgeous grounds. But, you can purchase wine instead. So win-win!


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