How to Simplify the Bar? Annisa, the Owner of Bottle & Ice, is breaking down four ways you can simplify the bar at your wedding or next event!

Bottles & Ice How to Simplify the Bar Wedding Tip at Oyster Ridge in Santa Margarita, California

#1 – Less is More…Keep It Simple! Limit your options. No more than four wines, three beers, & three spirits.

Almost every client I have wants to make sure they appeal to the masses, but here’s the deal… It’s an open bar, and it’s FREE, so most of your guests aren’t going to care if you have the best of the best or if you have the exact beer they like. So, select a few things, have a variety, and call it good! You don’t need to get crazy! Less is more! I always suggest no more than four wines (two red options and two white options), no more than three beers (something like an IPA, a Pale Ale, and something else like Pacifico or Heineken), and no more than three alcohols. The most popular, that I have found, are whiskey, vodka, and tequila. And, don’t worry… buy the Kirkland Brand… we all know it’s Grey Goose anyway!

#2 – Pre-Ceremony Drinks… Helps the cocktail hour rush 

Like Nike says, JUST DO IT!! Most, if not all, of my clients are worried about the time their guests will be waiting in line for a drink. Waiting is unavoidable. It just is! We’re fast, but 150 people rushing to the bar at once after the ceremony is a lot, and it doesn’t matter how many bartenders you have. Guests WILL have to wait. We’ll get through the line within minutes, but if you have the bar opened for a pre-ceremony glass of bubbles or wine, guests won’t be rushing to the bar right after the ceremony and that will help those pesky wait times!

#3 – Back to the Basics (signature drinks are fun, but guests want the basics) 

His, hers, ours… They are all fun! In fact, we love helping our clients decide on their signature drinks. But, in the end, your guests are going to want their vodka/sodas and whiskey/cokes. They may have a signature drink during cocktail hour, but they always return to their “go-to” cocktail. So have the custom drinks, but don’t forget to throw some soda water and coke in your shopping cart!

#4 – Glassware 

Oh, glassware! It’s a love-hate relationship. I’m going to be honest on this one. No one cares if they are drinking their FREE margarita out of a rented glass or a disposable cup. They just aren’t! And, if they do, do you really want to invite them? Kidding!! Wine: rent the wine glasses! As a self-proclaimed wino (haha!), I like to drink wine out of a glass, as do most of my fellow winos. But, my tequila/sodas, I’ll drink those things from a Dixie cup if I must… if there’s extra lime! Beer glasses, why? If you’re buying bottles, they come with their own vessel, so why are you renting glasses for them? Beer glasses only make sense if you are having kegged beer. In the end, if you choose to rent all your glassware, I suggest 2 cocktail glasses per person, 1.5 wine glasses per person (unless you are putting a wine glass at each place setting, then you will need to rent 2 glasses per person), and 1 champagne flute per person. And, just buy bottled beer! Your bartender will thank you!

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