I came across this new wedding venue in Paso Robles and just knew I needed to check it out and get to know the owners. Fallen Oaks Estate is a beautiful property with picture perfect landscape, a beautiful carriage house, tree swing, chicken coop, oak trees, and beautiful getting ready spaces for both the guys and the girls! They have thought about it all and what details their guests will enjoy and appreciate! So below is an article from their website going into further detail about this amazing property. And if you know someone looking for a wedding venue, please reach out to them!

“Somethings you just have to share with the world, like all the little moments in life that lead to something so great. Fallen Oaks Estate was created in Paso Robles Wine Country, and made for the wedding world. While Paso Robles is becoming one of the most desirable wedding locations in the state, we are excited to be able to share our piece of heaven with you.

Fallen Oaks Estate came to be back in late 2016. Kevin, Nicole, their sweet daughter River, and Nicole’s mother Judy, came across a property they fell in love with. The moment they arrived, they felt they had stepped into a fairy tale. It was everything on Judy’s bucket list and more.

They began putting their personal touch on the property, thus pouring more life and character into the grounds. The backstory to the property is one filled with some of the sweetest memories a property can come with. The previous owner had built the Carriage House for his wife, in order to help her follow her dream of raising Friesian horses, and her horse showing passions. Inside of the Carriage House, you will find modern wood walls, iron stables and brick flooring. Complete with a large arena out front, and pasture in the back. Sadly, his sweet wife had passed away.  Although he would be letting a piece of her go with this property, he truly chose the right family to pass it on to.

All the sweet memories shared with them and the heartstrings they tugged prompted them to maintain the style and design that had been chosen previously.  A french + modern ranch style property is rare in this beautiful area. Kevin, Nicole, and Judy decided they wanted to share the way they felt about this little piece of heaven, which they cherish so much. They felt the love story which had begun at Fallen Oaks Estate, shouldn’t have to end.

The upstairs Carriage House was renovated and made available as a vacation rental.  Additionally, the Carriage House is available for private events like weddings, elopements, engagements or even just a sweet anniversary trip destination. A personal touch of design has influenced the decor inside, the sprawling herringbone brick out front, the white rose bushes, large lawn area and covered dining area.  An additional vacation rental suite, called The Tavern, is available and is located just above Kevin’s workshop.  Large doors open up into views of the property, letting morning sunrises or those late evening sunset glows fill the rooms. It features a large deck at the rear for stunning views of the gentle rolling hills, adorned by the surrounding vineyards.

One of Judy’s favorite things on the property and something she was so excited to be able to share is the pathways that meander around the property. While walking through the property, you will find some of the prettiest & most majestic oak trees on the Central Coast. The pathways also follow the lines of ponds that are located on the property.  The ponds are currently being repaired in order to further complement your future wedding site. Beyond the ponds is a clearing in the trees that is perfect for a romantic picnic or a special moment for an engagement. It’s a peaceful spot to enjoy some wine and sweet moments. Photographers love the location, especially at sunset!

The inspiring beginning to this property and the continuation of life’s intentions for it, have prompted the addition of chickens in a clean, quaint coop.  Soon, horses will grace the grounds once more.

Judy and her two ranch dogs, Steel and Sadie, keep Fallen Oaks Estate looking it’s best. They are two of the cutest black labs there could be!

The last year of weddings, guests, and engagements showed us how truly special this piece of what we call, “Something out of a fairy tale”, has been for so many. It really has created something all on its own. We hope the previous owner knows that it has grown even more beautiful.  This place not only reminds us of his love for his late wife, but also our family’s love and so many others as well.

Come stay in one of the vacation rental suites, throw a beautiful destination wedding with your loved ones, and create new memories!  Bring your loved one and throw out a blanket with some wine for a romantic picnic. Enjoy some time in the beautiful Paso Robles Wine Country.” 

The article was written by the events manager, Kari! So, what are you waiting for? Go schedule your tour of the property today!

Call: 805-364-2208
Email: thecarriagehouseatfallenoaks@gmail.com
Website: fallenoakestate.com


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