I will be the first to admit that although we are photographers and we know the importance of getting professional photos taken, we haven’t gotten any since our wedding. I had done a couple of short sessions with a friend to get updated headshots, but none of us together since 2013. This was long overdue and I am so happy we did these anniversary¬†photos! So as part of my anniversary gift, I purchased a session with Kelsey.

The weeks leading up to it, I was so excited and anxious. There was a lot to prepare. I wanted to get my hair dyed, my nails done, and get a makeup appointment for that day so I felt my absolute best for our session. The entire day while at work, I was so excited and filled with anxious energy. I wanted it to go well. I wanted epic light and flattering images. And it was then that I was reminded of how each of my clients feel. Most haven’t been in front of the camera in a long time, if ever. And it is our job to make them feel at ease right away. So as soon as we met Kelsey, all the anxiousness melted away and we were just excited to explore and adventure the area.

And the moment we pulled up to our first location, (Kelsey planned out 3 different locations during our one-hour session!) my heart exploded with happiness because the Jacaranda trees were in full bloom and it was a whole lot of purple flowers!! I seriously couldn’t get enough of these beautiful blooms. After we explored Old Edna, we ventured to a backroad off Price Canyon. This road twisted up the hill with the light falling perfectly on the roadway. These ones made my¬†little photographer heart pitter-patter as the light streaming through these trees is just breathtaking! See the second image below. We were our silly selves and Kelsey helped with where to put our hands and what to do next. We then wrapped up the session in the vineyards near Biddle Ranch. I learned something beneficial that she prefers to do any photos in vineyards after the sun dips below the horizon. It helps with tricky shadows and offers the softness we aim for.

Our session went by so fast, I wished we had more light to chase. It was a beautiful afternoon that I won’t forget and these images show off us in this season of life. Being married to your best friend for five years has been such a great journey! And I can’t wait to see where it takes us next.

Photography: Hey Kelsey Kay!
Hair & Makeup: To Have & To Hold
Manicure: Happy Toe Nails


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