How to Get Married in San Luis Obispo County - shot at Higuera Ranch

So you’re thinking of getting married in San Luis Obispo County, fantastic!! Now, how can you do so legally? Great question.

Many have wondered and are confused how to get married legally in San Luis Obispo County. So as a bride who got married here in SLO, and seeing countless others tie the knot as a wedding photographer, I want to share the steps on how to get hitched.

And just a disclaimer: I am not a lawyer or attorney or anything of legal concern!

First, you need to obtain your Marriage License

In order to get your marriage license to be signed on the actual day of your wedding celebration, you will need to visit the SLO County Clerk Recorder’s Office. They are located at 1055 Monterey St, San Luis Obispo, CA 93408. First, you need to fill out this form to apply for your marriage license. After the form is filled out, you will then make an appointment and go to the office. Note, you both need to be there in person. At this appointment, you will be given your license and will be released to go celebrate your marriage within 90 days!

Some Commonly Asked Questions

Where can we get married?

Wherever the heck you want! Choose a venue to have your ceremony & reception, or just go find a spot in nature! There are literally hundreds of options and so many great spots to pick from. Some public areas within San Luis Obispo County do require you to have a permit in order to get married there! Here is a list of who to contact for a number of the more popular locations in SLO County! And here is a list of our favorite wedding venues and other vendors.

Who can marry us?

Anyone who is ordained is allowed to marry you. You can have your friend, family member, rabbi, priest, or pastor. If the person you want to marry you is not ordained, then they can get ordained through the Universal Life Church. It is a pretty simple process. San Luis Obispo County accepts this legally. Civil ceremonies are also offered at the office by appointment only.

How to make it Official?

You will need to apply for either a public or confiedential marriage license. The cool thing about a confidential license is you don’t need a witness. If you have a public license, then you will need to follow all the instructions. Stay in the lines and write clearly! Then whoever you designate responsible, must mail the license back to the Clerk Recorder’s Office within 10 days of it being signed. Once the license is mailed back to the clerk recorder’s office, and is received, then you are legal! Expect this to take a few days to process.

How to Get Married in San Luis Obispo County - shot at Higuera Ranch


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