Your photographer is such an important vendor on your wedding day. As a wedding photographer based out of California, I get that it can be overwhelming. I mean, there are hundreds to pick from. Here is how to pick your wedding photographer.

How to pick a wedding photographer | San Luis Obispo Photographer


What is your photography style?

You need to like the way their photos look. Some are more dark, moody, journalistic, bright, candid, traditional, true to color, vintage. The list goes on. Every photographer will have his/her own artistic style. And asking them to change it would be asking the Italian chef to only make Mexican food. It just won’t work out.

Do your personalities work together?

Honestly, you need to really feel comfortable and vibe with your photographer. We are with you more than you are with your spouse. You read that right. So we want you to be yourself and feel completely comfortable on your wedding day. It is a day full of emotions, and we don’t take that responsibility lightly.

Can we see a COMPLETE Gallery?

If you are just looking at their website and social media, you are only seeing about 10% of their images. If that. They are showing the best, which is great and dandy. But, what does their work look like in different lighting scenarios? How do their reception shots look?

Keep in mind, that your day will be uniquely you! So look for these things.

  • Did they capture moments the way you’re hoping to have yours captured?
  • Are the images in focus and mostly consistent with editing style?
  • Do they seem to know how to navigate multiple lighting situations?
  • Do you like how they compose images and pose the wedding party, portraits, families, etc.

How hands-on will they be on your wedding day?

Do you want a lot of direction, where to place your hands, etc.? Or do you want someone who doesn’t say a word and is completely journalistic? Or maybe you want something in the middle?

What happens in case of an emergency?

If the photographer can’t be there due to sickness, or some other emergency, what is their plan? It’s good to know they have a plan B if need be.

When will you get your images?

Is it 2 months or 6 months? This way, you aren’t waiting in your inbox impatiently. I’d say, no longer than 3 months you should have your images by.

Do they accept specific shot requests?

If you are requesting a specific photo, is your photographer willing and wanting to make it happen? Please don’t send over a list of 100 images that include things such as dress, couple, reception, ceremony, the kiss, etc. If they are a professional, they will cover your day. But if there is something unique, definitely reach out about this.

What are the next steps and how do we book YOU?

Yay! This is magic to our ears! Your photographer should walk you through what is needed to be on their calendar, what the retainer is, and what will happen between now and the wedding.

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