Why You Should Invest in a Wedding Album.

We live in a digital world today. And it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. So we want those digital photos. I get it. It’s easy to share with family all over the globe. As a result, albums are on the decline.

And I totally get it – professional photographic products are expensive. And it can be hard to justify or fit into your budget when you’ve paid for the photographer and the digitals. You first invest in a photographer you connect with and trust. And then you need to invest in the products. And that second investment is hard.

So are they worth the investment?

100% YES!

As a wedding photographer, I want to give you four reasons why you will never regret investing in our luxury wedding heirloom albums.

One: You’re good intentions aren’t enough, sadly

You keep telling yourself, I’ll make my own book. But a year goes by, you are deep in work, and maybe you have kids running around now and you haven’t gotten your wedding photos printed. You aren’t alone. You had every intention of picking your favorites from hundreds, uploading them to a album site, and getting it printed. But you don’t get to it because it is all overwhelming. There are a lot of decisions to make, so let us take care of it for you.

The album fee includes the design and two rounds of revisions. We hop on zoom and screenshare so you can see the changes in real-time and ok each and every page.

Two: Relying on USBs and your computer to preserve your photos

USBs are small, easily lost and misplaced, or buried in a drawer and forgotten about. And then the next problem is that once you do stumble across your USB, you then have to have access to a computer that is decent enough to view high resolution files – and what happens if your fancy computer doesn’t even have a USB connection anymore? Look at what happened to the floppy disc, and CDs – did you know that many laptops don’t come with CD readers anymore? And what if the USB fails or breaks?

Hopefully you were smart, and made backups in the cloud, and on external hard drives – but actually, many people don’t and I get a lot of emails asking if I still have their photos.

It is so important to print your cherished memories – printing is your third form of preservation (after digitals, and cloud storage) and is often the most neglected. It should be number one on your list, and the most cost effective way of printing and storing your beautiful images in bulk, is in an album.

Three: It Will Become A Cherished Family Heirloom

Like I was talking about earlier, these albums are family heirlooms. All those memories you have, poring through your family photo albums? Will YOUR children have the opportunity to do the same thing?

A photo album sitting on your family bookshelf still has the potential to bring the whole family together. All it takes is your little one to get a little curious, to pull it off the shelf, sit with you on the couch, learning about how much you love them.  These kind of moments don’t really happen naturally when you are trying to swipe through photos on your smart phone. Or hunched over a laptop trying to remember where the heck you saved those photos 5 years ago (that you’ve not looked at in at least 4 years).

It’s your turn to add to your family history.

Four: Quality over Quantity

Do you remember what the quality was like when it came to our parent’s wedding album? Faded photos, paper crumbling to dust, sticky residue, maybe some acid damage from the papers and inks reacting with each other?

Modern technology has come a looong way since our parents got married. Your wedding album is going to last ten times longer than your parents. Professional grade albums are colour corrected, printed on acid free paper, and when stored correctly? It’ll still be in the same condition in 50 years, as it was the day you received it.

My clients who choose professional albums value quality, know that when it comes to professional photography – you get what you pay for.

Professional grade albums are also made to last generations, unlike the old school albums from our parents generation, and it’s something that will last the test of time and won’t fall apart after a few years from regular wear and tear.

Your wedding images should not live on your hard drive. They should be displayed beautifully in print.

We sincerely believe in the importance of experiencing your wedding photographs in print. You should be able to hold those wedding day memories in your hands and cherish your images in a tangible format that you can pass on to your children and grandchildren.

Nikkels Photography fine art wedding albums are handcrafted with love and printed on archival-quality photographic paper. The “flush mount” style means your album (and images) lay flat with tight creases and no gutter. As a result, you don’t lose any part of the photos from cutting or standard press folding. Cover options include linen or genuine leather in a range of colors and textures.

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