Loma Maria Paso Robles Destination Wedding

Cyndi and Tom had their destination wedding at the beautiful Loma Maria in the heart of Paso Robles, California. Thet fell in love with Austin Hope Wines, so they thought it would be perfect to tie the knot in a city they love. So them and 11 family members hopped on a plane from Texas for this special occasion. They enjoyed a full week of adventures and exploring the Central Coast. And they blessed with a perfect spring evening for their celebration.

So if you are looking for an alternative location to tie the knot, what do you need to think about? An AirBnB can be a great option. Since you are hosting at a private space, there are a few things to think about when planning.

So HOW do you host a wedding at an Airbnb property? Where do you start and what questions do you ask?

1. Get details about the Property

How many rooms for guests? How will parking go? Where can you have your ceremony and reception? Will it be indoors or outdoors? This will greatly affect your guest count.

2. What Rentals will you Need?

Since you are hosting at a private property, what do they have already? Do you like the dishware, glasses, etc? Is there enough for all your guests? You may need to get some chairs, tables, linens, and silverware. Also, what is the bathroom situation like? If you are having more than 40 people, we suggest renting out some extra bathrooms.

3. Stay Awhile

Make it a week-long experience. Get to your property early. Scope it out in person, and make any final adjustments you need to. We reccomend having your celebration in the middle of your stay.

4. What is the kitchen and drink situation like?

You have a few options for food! Do you want to make it yourself? Do you want a private chef to come and cook? Or can you have a food truck and bar service come to you? This would be our top pick!

Questions to ask yourself and/or your property host:

  • Are there enough restrooms for your guest count? Is it well water? (If so, flooding could be an issue. So make sure you check with the owner on what the plumbing situation is!)
  • Can you install a tent on their property?
  • What’s the kitchen situation? Can the it accommodate a catering staff? Will your caterer need a generator? Is there enough room or refrigerator space to store food?
  • Can you move inside if the weather is bad?
  • Is there enough parking? Are there Ubers in the area and/or do you need to arrange transportation?
  • Is the property wheelchair accessible?
  • Are there good spots for photos?
  • How will trash be disposed of?
  • What time is the city’s noise ordinance?

You get more control and options when you host at an AirBnB, but then you also have more logistics that you have to handle yourself.

We are all for more AirBnB and private property wedding celebrations! They are unqiue, cozy, and every detail is really up to you!

So if you are looking for a great property that can comfortably sleep 12 with 15 wineries within 1 mile of the property, I’d check out Loma Maria.

Venue: Loma Maria // Photography: Nikkels Photography // Florals: Adelaide Floral // Beauty: The Wearhouse Salon // Catering: Kitchenette


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