Morro Bay California Winter Engagement Session

How to Prepare for Your Beach Photoshoot

Having your photos taken takes a lot of planning. So if you are preparing for a beach photoshoot, there are some things you need to know! Here are a few tips to help make it easier for everyone.

The Weather

The weather on the beach can change every half hour, so come prepared. We recommend bringing layers, a jacket while walking between locations, and an extra outfit just in case. Some beaches may be super windy, clouds or fog could roll in quickly, so be open to whatever the weather may be doing at the time of your session. Be flexible as it may be different than what you were hoping or expecting.

Pro tip: Check a local webcam to see what it looks like before heading to your session or look at The Weather Channel’s website.

Hair & Makeup

Think about your hair and use products that help combat humidity as you get ready. Extra hairspray can help contain the hair as well as bobby pins and headbands can be quite useful. For little ones, they can get distracted if the hair is in their face, so maybe pin some pieces back. As for makeup, wear waterproof when possible as eyes can water with the wind and sand.


Think fitted and flowy. Dresses are great that flair at the lower half. Also, think if you want to do barefoot or wear shoes. Either works as well as everyone is doing the same thing. Guys can do dress slacks or nice shorts and a button-up. Think to coordinate instead of match. Pastels and a pop of color are our favorites!

Embrace the elements!

Let kids play in the same, get their feet wet. You’re at the beach, so sand in random places will occur. Trust your photographer to capture the naturalness and let your kids relax and play. Exploring is all part of the fun!

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