Nikkels Photography, a San Luis Obispo-based Wedding Photographer, shares why a bridal session is an important addition to your wedding photo package.

Planning your wedding can be an exhilarating yet overwhelming experience. Amid the flurry of choosing the perfect venue, dress, and decor, there’s one crucial aspect that can often be overlooked: the bridal session.

Including a bridal session in your wedding package can be a game-changer for several reasons.

Here’s why you should consider it:


ONE | Trial Run for Hair and Makeup

Testing the Look: A bridal session serves as the ideal opportunity to see your hair and makeup. This is crucial. Certain makeup techniques and hairstyles might look different in photos compared to how they appear in person.

Adjustments: If something doesn’t turn out as expected, there’s plenty of time to make adjustments. Whether it’s tweaking the foundation shade, trying a different hairstyle, or adjusting the intensity of your makeup, you’ll have the peace of mind that everything will be perfect on your wedding day.

Product Longevity: You can test how long your makeup and hairstyle hold up over several hours. This helps in determining if any products need to be changed or if touch-up plans need to be made for the wedding day.

TWO | Comfort and Confidence

Familiarity with Photographer: Spending time with your photographer during a bridal session helps build a rapport. You’ll get used to their style and the way they direct you, making you feel more at ease on the wedding day.

Practice Posing: It provides an opportunity to practice posing and see which angles and expressions work best for you. Knowing how to pose can reduce anxiety and help you feel more confident in front of the camera.

Wardrobe Check: You can also ensure that your wedding dress is comfortable, fits perfectly, and photographs well. If there are any issues with the fit or comfort, you can address them well before the big day.

THREE | Capturing Special Memories

Beautiful Portraits: You’ll get stunning, detailed portraits of yourself in your wedding gown without the time constraints and stress of the wedding day. These images can focus on the intricate details of your dress, accessories, and your overall bridal look.

Personalized Decor: The photos from your bridal session can be used in various ways, such as creating personalized decor for the wedding reception, guestbook images, or even prints to display at home.

Memory Preservation: A bridal session is a unique opportunity to capture the beauty and excitement of being a bride in a relaxed setting. These moments, away from the hustle and bustle of the wedding day, become cherished memories that you can look back on for years to come.

Adding a bridal session to your wedding package is more than just a luxury. It’s a practical step to ensure your big day goes smoothly.

From perfecting your look and boosting your confidence to capturing beautiful, timeless portraits, a bridal session offers numerous benefits. So, take the time to plan and invest in this valuable experience. Enjoy the peace of mind it brings as you prepare to walk down the aisle.



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