In-Home Newborn Session in San Luis Obispo, California- Harper

I love being able to capture newborns in the comfort of home all over San Luis Obispo County. If possible, the best time to do in-home newborn sessions is between 3-10 days old. They are still pretty sleepy most of the day, and aren’t fully stretching out their legs. So we can mold them into cute poses and have them sleep for most of their session.

What to expect during your session?

We will likely start with your whole family. We can even include four-legged friends in some. Then the rest of the kids are free and we will slow down. Since we will hang out for a couple of hours, this allows time for feedings/changes. We will then do photos of parents and baby and then lots of just baby in multiple outfits and sets ups as you like.

After having three beautiful boys, this amazing family finally had their baby girl, Harper. I might be biased since they are our best friends, but I love being their aunty. Fun fact, this little nugget was the first child born in our county!

So if you are expecting a child and want some cozy in-home newborn session, how can we make the most of it?

Tip 1: Make sure all other kids have had their naps or a good snack right before our arrival.

Tip 2: Feed and burp your newborn shortly before our arrival. A full and burped baby is a happy baby. Baby can then be in a diaper and swaddled.

Tip 3: Find the most naturally lit rooms in the house and tidy up those. Often the master bedroom and nursery are a good go-to. Or we will set up near a sliding door.

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